Friday, May 21, 2010

Strong Acids

Acids and bases are determined by the theory of electrolytes and depends on the formation of H+ and OH- ions in aqueous solutions.

Acids, when dissolved in water, increase the concentration of H+

HBr + H20 → H3O+ + Br-

Strong Acids include:
HCl Hydrochloric acid
HBr Hydrobromic acid
HI Hydroiodic acid
HNO3 Nitric acid
HClO4 Perchloric acid
H2SO4 Sulfuric acid

Sample Questions:

1. Ionization of Sulfuric acid?

HClO4 + H20 → ClO4- + H3O+

2. Ionization of Phosphoric acid?

H2SO4 + H20 → H3O+ + HSO4-
HSO4- + H20 → H3O+ + PO4(2)-


  1. Trent,

    You might want to take another look at your ionization / hydration reactions... You are showing perchloric acid undergoing a hydration reaction instead of Sulfuric.