Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The start of MCAT daily

My goal with this is to start studying for the MCAT as I take the required Pre-Med Courses. Please share with me your ideas and comments on the subjects I am learning. Hopefully this will help me and you with studying for the MCAT!!!

Have any ideas feel free to message me or leave a comment and don't be afraid to tell me if I'm wrong on anything!


  1. Logical reasoning and reading comprehension are the most important part in the MCAT Preparation. The older MCAT material is very helpful for the students preparing for MCAT Exam. Also take writing section very seriously as most of the students fails in this section..

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  2. http://sb.sa.utoronto.ca/mock-mcat/

  3. Hi, this was great. Why did you quit after just a week? :(

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